JavaScript Developer
JavaScript is at the forefront of commonly used programming languages. It is essential for frontend and backend development. It is used to create games and mobile applications, scripts, and software testing. If you want to commit to programming and get a job in an IT company, you should start with a JavaScript course from DevEducation!
The course is an introduction to the current web development of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
Testers are the people who evaluate the quality of each product. It is up to software testers to determine whether a new software, game, or Android app will be launched or not. Our QA/AT courses will teach you how to find errors in products, and when you complete your training, you'll be a qualified professional ready to hit the ground running in the market.
Base course (Java)
Java is a universal programming language used by many companies. It is compatible with different platforms and it is continiously being improved and modernized. Which means it is quite easy to get hired as Java Developer! Don't lose any more of your time, start learning this popular profession today!
PHP has been in the top-10 most popular programming languages for many years. Using PHP, developers create corporate websites and online shops, information portals and forums, educational platforms and social networks, etc. Do you want to be always in demand among employers, work from any corner of the planet and be a well-paid specialist? Take the DevEducation PHP course and start to make your dreams come true!
Python is a programming language that is the easiest for newcomers to enter the development field. Why? Python is the easiest language to learn. It has many possibilities, from creating web applications and mobile games to testing software and Data Science. Take the DevEducation Python Course and realize yourself in almost any IT project!
Web Design
Do you have an excellent taste, understand the user's psychology, want to create unique and exciting site design? DevEducation's web designer profession is your opportunity to prove yourself and find a dream job!  According to the Habr portal, the demand for web designers is increasing every year. Sign up for a DevEducation course and become an expert in web design!
Computer course
Occupying basic computer programs is needed for any modern job. The copywriter, designer, architect, photographer, accountant, office manager, teacher, journalist, etc., all specialists have to work on a computer. Do you want to understand the main computer programs? Take the Computer courses in DevEducation!
React is the JavaScript library that most websites are based on. The task of React JS (or frontend developer) is to create a user-friendly and intuitive web interface. Do you want to learn the new framework and increase your competitiveness? Sign up for the React course in DevEducation!
Show your creativity with Adobe Photoshop! A graphic designer, web designer, artist, illustrator, motion designer, retoucher — these are just a short list of professions that require Photoshop knowledge. Do you want to master a popular job, create an attractive portfolio and reach a higher income level? Sign up for the Photoshop course in DevEducation!
SMM Specialist
The SMM specialist promotes businesses, personal brands, and companies on social media. Job tasks are: create a profile's promotion strategy, increase the coverage of the target audience, work with content, communicate with subscribers. SMM specialists form the client's image on social media, increasing its recognition and TA loyalty. The work's success assesses through the statistics and KPI indicators analysis.
SEO Specialist
The SEO specialist's task is to promote websites in search engines. If the work is done professionally, the resource will be ranked well. For this purpose, the SEO specialist needs to audit the website and analyze competitors. The main job tasks are: editing page structure, reducing boot speed, forming the semantic core, meta-tags and keywords, setting up indexing.
QA Engineer
The QA Engineer task is to check new software and send it back for revision if it does not meet the stated requirements. No software product is launched without prior quality control and functional testing. Master the QA Engineer (Automation) profession and you will always be in high demand in the IT market!

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